There is a bunch of reasons to be happy in Antalya!

The refreshing air from the Taurus Mountains, numerous beauties of nature that await you, Antalya’s traditional architecture that hosted various civilizations, and the prominent position it holds in the global tourism invite you to Antalya, one of the cities full of life in Turkey


All the beauties are with you.

Sur Yapı Antalya provides you with all the opportunities of a modern city along with the unseen beauties of nature. Your door opens to nature and entertainment beginning right from the moment you leave your house. Sur Yapı Antalya, a giant "Smart City", includes educational institutions, mosques, a hospital, and a museum, which enables you to find anything you need at your foot.




A city that meets every need of people of all ages.

Sur Yapı Antalya is a rising star in Kepez, one of the most significant values in Antalya that is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. Thanks to its location, you can easily access every point of the city by your private car via Antalya Boulevard or take Antray, which has a dedicated stop for Sur Yapı Antalya, to reach the bus terminal and important locations like the airports of Kaleiçi and Antalya.

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